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The broken shingles or damaged roof isn’t always responsible for exposing your home to foreign objects. Skylights can also be the source of debris or water leaching into your property.

While skylights add to your home aesthetics and offer an excellent way to expose your property to natural sunlight, a cracked skylight can be a pain in the neck! Fortunately, Roof Repair Akron offers cracked skylight repairs. We have experts on our team who have specialized in skylight installation, and they are familiar with related problems.

Having served numerous customers across Akron, we’ve spotted and repaired several cracked skylights. If you find yourself amidst such trouble, do not hesitate to reach out to us. While your roof is strong enough to bear natural wear and tear for some time, you should never turn a blind eye to a cracked skylight. Why? Because the crack won’t take long to expand, and the skylight might break, putting your well-being at risk. Therefore, fixing a cracked skylight is a must and not something to be overlooked.

Why Is Your Skylight Cracked?

Skylight, like your roof, is exposed to outside stressors. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for it to crack or break. Here are a few reasons your skylight might get cracked.

Hail Storm

Because hail is stiff, it doesn’t take long to crack your skylight. In fact, walnut-sized hail can damage your skylight beyond repair - and replacing one is your only option.


Funnily enough, the sunlight itself can weaken your skylight over time. Although homeowners install the skylight to enjoy the feel of natural sunlight, consistent UV ray exposure can damage them - especially if the constructors mounted a low-quality skylight on your rooftop.

Improperly Installed Skylight

If unskilled engineers install a skylight in your home, it can crack sooner than usual. Make sure you choose professionals for this - or any home project.

Tree Branches

Heavy winds can easily blow branches on your skylight if you have trees nearby. A weighty tree branch can damage your skylight, and only an expert can fix it.

What to Do About a Cracked Skylight?

The Roof Repair Akron OH Experts

Not all skylight cracks are similar. In fact, all of them even might not leak. However, you must take action on spotting a visible damage. Here are a few options to consider.

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Replacing the Skylight

Replacing the entire skylight is your option in the event of extensive damage. Professionals at Roof Repair Akron, Ohio, share different skylight types and guide you about the best one for your rooftop. Apart from proper guidance, we also offer skylight installment services. Because proper installation is the key to preventing cracks and damages, we ensure to mount it cautiously with our years of experience.

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Temporary Fix

Not all skylight cracks need replacements. In fact, most skylight cracks can be fixed with minor repairs. Although we tend to reach the site immediately after you contact us, you still need to go for a temporary fix meanwhile. Consider covering the skylight with a tarp. Besides, secure the sheet’s edges to prevent it from blowing away. This will keep the water and debris from entering your property.

Treating the Crack

In most cases, the skylight only requires a patch. Here’s how our team fixes your skylight crack.

It is imperative to check if the window is clean in the first place. Dirt and debris can sometimes trick homeowners into thinking the skylight window is cracked. Therefore, we spray a window cleaner and use a soft cloth to wipe the window until it’s squeaky clean.

Although epoxy sealant is a go-to solution, our glass repair kit has other modern sealants that work just as great. After inspecting the severity of the crack, our experts apply the best sealant in the right consistency to fix the crack.

Sealant application is followed by spreading it. Our experienced workers ensure it doesn’t spread all over the glass but the crack.

Our job isn’t done after applying the sealant. We wait until it dries out completely to test if our solution worked.

Final testing involves us pouring water onto the glass to see if it leaks. This helps us keep the promise of offering standardized procedures.

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Do All Skylights Crack Overtime?

No, all skylights do not crack or leak. In fact, several times, you often think your skylight is leaking when it isn’t. Besides, their average lifespan is 9-16 years. However, it varies depending on the quality and how well it was installed. Of course, an improperly installed skylight is more prone to leaks than the one installed by professionals.

Can You Go For a Skylight Replacement Without Replacing Your Roof?

Experts recommend replacing your skylight when you are going for a roof replacement, and for good reasons. It allows you to match the warranties of your roofing and the skylight. Besides, it is a cost-effective option. However, if you do not want to consider expert advice, it’s perfectly fine. You can install a skylight without going for a roof replacement or the other way around, too.

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