Fixing Leaks Around Vents

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There’s nothing more alarming for homeowners than leaks. While they do create problems, for the time being, leaks cause severe issues in the long run, from mold growth to a weak ceiling. In fact, water damage can collapse the entire structure, making your family vulnerable to a life-threatening issue. Experts at Roof Repair Akron OH spot the leaking roof vents, identify the root cause, and fix the problem before it aggravates.

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What is a Roof Vent?

Although roof vents perform a basic function, not everyone knows what they are. Roof vents are openings that let air into and out of the roof. They are typically located on the rooftop and appear like a wind turbine or a pipe. They perform a crucial function of keeping our homes from overheating. But that isn’t the only plus. Here’s why else roof vents are necessary.

  • They prevent moisture buildup.
  • They reduce the work performed by ACs
  • Roof vents lower energy bills
  • They circulate the air in the attic
  • They also enhance your roof’s lifespan.

Signs You Have a Leaky Roof Vent

Because they’re located outside your home, they deal with foreign stressors regularly, from extreme heat to heavy rainfalls and snowstorms to thunderstorms. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that they fail over time. Here are some prominent signs you have a leaky roof vent.

AC Problems

Leaky or otherwise failing roof vents require ACs to perform overtime to circulate the air. Eventually, it leads to high energy bills. Besides, it exhausts the AC - more expense on the way.

Mold Growth

Improper air circulation and moisture promote mold growth. Because mold spores love dampness, they land on surfaces as soon as they spot an ideal indoor condition.

Deteriorating Roof

A leaky roof vent is to blame for sagging rooftop, ice dams, and damaged shingles. Moisture and heat build-up in your roof is often caused by cracked roof vents.


Moisture on metal can rust the surfaces. You’ll spot rust on plumbing, venting, and heating equipment due to malfunctioning vents.


Damaged vents also give way to insects. If your attic is infested with pests, there’s a huge possibility your roof vent isn’t performing well.

Uneven Temperature

Do your upstairs feel cooler than downstairs or vice versa? Hot and cold spots in your home also indicate roof vent issues.

Repairing a Roof Vent Leak

Typically, heavy rainfall or flashing can crack your vent pipe. However, there can be other reasons for a deteriorating roof vent. When constructors install your roof, they provide a boot to each vent pipe to seal the water around it. However, as the weather conditions take a toll on vent pipe boots, they get brittle and stiffer. Eventually, they crack and give way to the water. Generally speaking, cheap quality boots expire quicker than high-quality vent pipe boots. Besides, they need regular maintenance to avoid such problems.

Quick Fixes

If you encounter a roof leak vent, you may not be able to fix it right away. Here are some quick, temporary solutions you can consider.

Spot the Entry Point

The water entry point isn’t always the same as the dripping point. Go outside your home and see if you can find the entry point following the water trails. This may help you fix the issue for the time being.

Catch the Dripping Water

If you cannot spot the water leaks, you can at least catch or contain the dripping water. Consider laying a plywood piece across the joists or placing a bucket below the leak. Besides, you can also use a sponge to absorb the water and prevent it from seeping into your roof.

Patch It

A temporary patch is also another quick fix to consider. This will require a blocking material and tar. Apply the blocking material (roof shingle or a plastic sheet) to the leak and press it against the surface to stop water from entering.

Permanent Solutions

We shared a few temporary fixes to help you in the event of sudden leaks. Note that this isn’t a reliable method to keep vents from leaking. Yes, it helps temporarily; opting for a long-term solution should be your priority. The experts at Porch Roof Repair Akron OH inspect the roof vents, identify the cause of leakages, and offer reliable methods to eliminate the issue.

We use the latest equipment and follow modern practices that help you get rid of roof vent leaks. Once our trained technicians and engineers fix your roof vent, it won’t wear out any time soon. So, you get the value for the money spent. Besides, we offer 24/7 emergency services to help you with an unexpected roof vent leak.